Argentina is one of the biggest countries in Latin America, with a population of over 43 million inhabitants. The official language spoken is Spanish. The Dutch embassy is situated in Buenos Aires, besides this there are three consulates, in Mendoza, Rosaria de Santa Fe, and Tres Arroyos.


In 2016. The GDP of Argentina was worth 545.124 billion US dollars, and this is expected to grow to $628.935 billion in 2017 according to the IMF. The percentage change in import is expected to be over 10% in 2017, and the export volume is expected to grow with around 5% per year the coming years.

The export of Argentina contains mostly agricultural products, and the amount of export to the Netherlands was around 1.17 billion US dollar in 2016.

Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agriculture, and a diversified industrial base. With the election of president Mauricio Macri in November 2015, Argentina began a historic political and economic transformation, taking steps to liberalize the Argentine economy, lifting capital controls, floating the peso, removing export controls on some commodities and more. Since April 2016, Argentina has returned to the international capital markets after negotiating with holdout bond creditors. The country has taken several international leadership roles in 2017, and in 2018 the G20 is assumed to take place in Buenos Aires.

Argentina and the Netherlands

Relations between Argentina and the Netherlands are good. The emphasis of the relations is mostly on economic interests and trade cooperation. The Netherlands is the third foreign investor in Argentina and their sixth trade partner. This includes sectors in (bio)energy, environment technology, water management, agribusiness, quality service, export and tourism. This means that there are opportunities for businesses engaging in water construction, shipbuilding, companies active in shipping sea freight and handling goods in the port, and companies that are active in support services in the field of (sea-)transport and logistics.

Also, this fall a trade mission from the Netherlands to Argentina will take place. Argentina is investing in infrastructure, with a planned investment of $33 billion in public as well as private infrastructure. Also, a $5 billion investment is planned for the port in Buenos Aires. The port of Rotterdam has been helping the port of Buenos Aires with modernisation.

Ease of doing business

Argentina is ranked 116 among 190 countries on the ease of doing business scale in 2016. They improved 2 places compared to 2015.