Our team of highly talented student consultants is supported by various stakeholders in the project. Over the past years we have maintained a strong relationship with professors of the UvA who take part in our Board of Advice. As such they provide us with relevant insights from their field of expertise, varying from finance to developing studies and strategic management. The Board of Advice also offers specific feedback and support concerning the research itself over the full length of the project.

Apart from benefiting from this academic expertise, our team is also offered a wide array of trainings from the consultancy firms. Every year leading consultancies provide multiple trainings during which they assist us in structuring the cases and provide advice about how to effectively carry out the field research. This further ensures that a comprehensive and in depth advise can be given to the client.

The capabilities of our team members combined with the academic expertise and various trainings from other stakeholders in the project, guarantees that we are fully capable to operate as autonomous consultants in Argentina.