The Sefa Research project is supported by leading consultancies such as Deloitte, Roland Berger, Bain & Company and AT Kearney. They offer us a wide array of trainings where we learn how to clearly structure the research objectives. Consequently, they advice us how best to carry out the desk research so that we are optimally prepared for the field research in Argentina. Lastly, the consultancies share their vision about the research approach by which a maximum competitive edge can be gained during the four weeks of research in Argentina.

The input of these leading consultancies clearly benefits the student consultants. We learn how to structure the cases and develop our problem solving and strategically thinking skills. This further empowers us to operate on professional level and find valuable business insights for the client.

In the previous years, multiple student consultants have obtained positions within leading consultancies as a result of the Research Project. This again highlights the degree of talent and skills the student consultants posses.